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Are You Looking for Extra Support?

Some moments in life require a little extra TLC - that is why we have private consultations to help you navigate those uncharted territories!

Am I a good candidate for a consultation? 

Maybe! Are you: 

  • Hoping to become an entrepreneur/want to grow your social media account and looking for help?

  • A student or pre-OT student having a hard time choosing between OT, PT, or SLP or deciding if it's worth it to bridge from an assistant to an evaluating therapist?

  • Trying to transition between settings (ex. from SNF to School-System) and unsure of where to begin? 

  • Feeling discouraged in your current role/job and wanting something more meaningful within OT or possibly exploring other options that may be more in line with your life purpose?

If you are looking for support on how to make your goals a reality or to help dig deep and explore your true passions, then a consultation may be right for you!


Q: What is included? Upon purchase, you will receive instructions for scheduling and a questionnaire to gain a better idea of how to get the most out of your consultation. We will then meet on a mutually agreed upon time via Zoom call (audio and/or video depending on your preference) for 60-minutes. After the session, you will receive a follow-up e-mail within 3 days with resources/materials depending on your needs. 

Q: What makes you an "expert" for helping with consultations?  I am in absolutely NO WAY an expert on YOUR LIFE. You are THE one and only expert my beautiful friend! But I do consider myself to have a gift of reflection. I hope that I can be a resource to you to help reflect back your own truth and help you organize your own thoughts so you can see your path and opportunities more clearly. If I feel I may not be able to help you based on yo ur questionnaire, then I will be completely transparent and you will be issued a full refund. 

Q: How many sessions will I need? Ideally, just the one or a small handful! A consultation is different from coaching in that the aim is to EMPOWER YOU. The consultation is an opportunity to explore the tough questions and decide for yourself what you want your next steps to be.

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